EMP Animal Welfare: Emp's Commitment to Stray Animals

Chongqing, China – In a significant move towards animal welfare, EMP , in collaboration with Chongqing Hemei International Pet Hospital and the International Animal Protection Alliance, organized a Christmas Eve rescue and treatment event for stray dogs. This event, titled "Guarding Pets with Love," marked a key initiative in providing healthcare and support to stray animals in the suburban areas of Chongqing.


In 2023, EMP recognized Dr. Cheng Yu, a distinguished alumna of China Agricultural University with a Master's degree in Veterinary Imaging & Surgery, and an appointed ultrasound instructor for the European Veterinary College in China, as a Senior Clinical Expert. Dr. Cheng, also an international acupuncturist, conducted professional abdominal ultrasound training for veterinarians at Chongqing Hemei Pet Hospital using EMP's veterinary ultrasound devices G76 and G30.



The EMP portable color ultrasound G30 played a pivotal role in the Christmas event, enabling veterinarians to assess the internal condition of the stray dogs. This device is not only suitable for emergency outdoor scenarios but also for routine check-ups, thereby safeguarding the health of small animals. During the rescue operation, the medical team observed that many stray dogs, due to prolonged homelessness, irregular diet, and abuse, were in a weakened state. The G30 ultrasound provided clear insights into their abdominal and cardiac health, significantly aiding the rescue efforts.


As we step into 2024, scientists have revealed that Earth is on the verge of entering a new epoch - the Anthropocene, posing numerous climate and ecological challenges for humanity and demanding greater care and attention towards animals. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life forms, EMP commits to collaborating with various societal sectors to provide more care and warmth to stray animals in these challenging times.

This initiative not only highlights EMP's dedication to animal welfare but also underscores the importance of humane treatment and healthcare for all living beings, as we collectively strive to maintain the balance of our planet.


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