Marketing Clinical Application Specialist


JOB TITLE: Marketing Clinical Application specialist

SALARY: Salary Negotiable


Job Responsibilities:

1. Product/clinical training and support for academic seminars in major global markets;

2. Conduct in-depth market research and product analysis according to the pace of business development, and provide marketing product/clinical support;

3. Maintain good contact with medical experts at home and abroad, and continuously expand their resources;

4. Daily clinical/product remote training, demo demonstrations and real-time support services;

5. Connect the R&D and production departments, provide real-time feedback on market information, give back-end market suggestions, and promptly feed back product opinions to the marketing team to ensure the close integration of market and products;

6. Actively participate in the implementation of various large-scale projects, exhibitions, and trainings, and assist the marketing/sales manager to ensure the implementation of academic seminars, exhibitions, and various market activities;

7. Manage and maintain the company's exhibited products to ensure regular replacement of products and daily customer visits and demonstration needs; and ensure various documents and activities comply with company/regulatory policies and quality standards, and complete various tasks assigned by superiors.


If you are interested in an interview, please email your resume herevivian.zuo@china-emperor.com

Overseas Media Specialist


JOB TITLE: Overseas Media Specialist

SALARY: Salary negotiable


Job Responsibilities:

1. Plan the annual domestic and overseas content communication strategies and campaign plans, break down the goals and implement them according to daily work, lead the team members to complete the work tasks, and be responsible for the annual communication goals and ROI results;

2. Independently be responsible for corporate/brand/product/content planning and social media communication at home and abroad;

3. Write market strategies and marketing plans, and provide content support to various departments;

4. Operate overseas social media accounts such as Linkedin, ins, and facebook, and achieve brand exposure through various cooperation, online activities, marketing promotions, etc.;

5. Overall operation and daily maintenance of official website news, public accounts and related new media accounts;

6. Provide full-process content planning and communication support for offline market activities, and provide on-site support;

7. Communication and management of relevant media/suppliers;

8. Other tasks assigned by the leader.


If you are interested in an interview, please email your resume herevivian.zuo@china-emperor.com

Sales Manager (With Ultrasound Experience)


SALARY: Negotiable salary


1.Be responsible for the sales of products in Russia

2.Daily visits to local distributors according headquarter requests.

3. Invitation for introductory meeting for headquarter and local potential partners.

4.Establish product distribution channels and/or OEM/ODM strategic partners.

5.Develop and participate in weekly & monthly marketing activities with distributors.

6.Complete target sales orders and submit regular work reports, client update forms and monthly order forecasts.

7.Based on the understanding of local market and customers, conduct internal/external environment analysis and related strategy implementation and submit to headquarter.


We hope you are having a great day. We are urgently looking for a Full-time Sales Director/Manager for our company. We are expecting Ultrasound imaging system experience. We are looking forward to developing sales channels in Russia. Potentially, we will    set up an office in the Local area. We offer an Attractive salary package+ bonus. It will be essential if you are speaking both English and other local languages. According to your profile, you might be a great fit for our position. For further discussion,    please contact us. Thank you very much.

Pls, email your CV here: xuqian@emperor1997.com

Veterinary Ultrasound Clinical Specialist

WORK PLACES: Central Asia

JOB TITLE: Veterinary Ultrasound Clinical Specialist

Job description

• Provide clinical support by demonstrating ultrasound products including potential uses, product capabilities and benefits to customers. 

• Support professional conferences/Exhibitions by performing product demonstration and customer training. 

• Establish and maintain KOL in the regions. 

• Part-time job is accepted


• At least Bachelor degree in Veterinary Science

• At least 3-5 years working experience on veterinary ultrasound field

• Strong oral and written communication skills in English and Russian 

•Strong skills on the operation of veterinary ultrasound scanners